SEBO offers some handy top tips on what to consider when purchasing a new vacuum cleaner. 1. Upright or barrel vacuum cleaner? Uprights are great for a large carpeted area as they are easy to manoeuvre and increase productivity, whereas a barrel could be considered for small areas with lots of furniture and hard floors. Many vacuum cleaners, however, can do both jobs as many premises have different floors. Also, take a look at the
The air is clean  A good quality vacuum will of course clean the floor but a great vacuum will also enhance your indoor air quality. Dust seems more prevalent nowadays and a lot more people suffering from allergic reactions. SEBO vacuums possess a 3-step filtration system consisting of: A multi layer filter bag.A micro-hygiene filter.An exhaust filter.  Together they achieve excellent filter results. SEBO K, SEBO X and SEBO Felix machines carry the British Allergy

Should you remove your carpet?

Posted by SEBO AUSTRALIA on December 11, 2018

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Do you have allergies? …. Believe it or not, you can keep your carpet. Studies have shown that carpet is often better at trapping allergens than hard flooring such as tile or hardwood. How can this be? Particles and allergens fall to the floor (out of the breathing zone) and onto the carpet. The fibres of the carpet trap allergens and particles, reducing their continued circulation in the air. Proper cleaning with a SEBO vacuum
SEBO vacuum cleaner Why should you take the time to learn how to take better care of your carpet? There are five good reasons: You care about the air you breathe. Did you know that indoor air quality can be worse than that outdoors? Proper cleaning can improve the air in your home by removing pollutants and allergens trapped in the carpet. Maintaining your carpet correctly also protects your ‘back pocket’ in the long run.