Vacuum Bags (5093ER)


SEBO 5093ER Vacuum Bags


1pk Ultra filter bags 5093ER with hygienic sealable cap (8p/pk).

SEBO Ultra-Bags are designed by SEBO to give optimum performance and filtration with SEBO vacuum cleaners. Sealing caps ensure that dust and dirt is locked in the bag for hygienic disposal, making SEBO Ultra-Bags ideal for allergy sufferers.

To suit:
SEBO X4/X5/X7, XP1/2/3, XP10/XP20/XP30, C3.1, G1/G2, 370/470, Kleenmaid VC200/500/550/300/310/ 320.

The German Manufacturer recommends for optimum performance both filters be replaced every 2pkt of bags.

View the filters for:

New X7/XP10/XP20 Series Service Kit 51094ER

New XP30 Series Service Kit 51094XP30

G Series Service Kit 5828SKG

370/470 Series Service Kit 5828B

Old X/XP Series Service Kit 5828ER

Old XP3 Series Service Kit 5828XP3

C Series 6198ER.

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