Dart 3 UHS Polishing Head (9434AU)


Sensitive Choice® Approved Product.

Maintains gloss hard floors such as marble and terrazzo


Floor polishing head.

What’s in the box

Dart 3 UHS polishing head only c/w Green Maintenance Pad.


Polishing Head requires attachment to a SEBO Vacuum Cleaner.

To suit SEBO vacuum cleaners:
SEBO Dart Commercial Vacuum

Felix Premium, K3 Premium, D4 Premium, C3.1 Premium Domestic Vacuums

**K3 Vulcano requires additional add on/s. Not suitable for K1 Pet.

The floor pads are coated with a resin containing diamond dust with graduated grain to ensure the perfect finish.

Pad system should be used on suitable floor surfaces or recommended by the flooring manufacturer.

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