Vacuum Bags ( 5093LS )



*** BULK BUY ONLY *** To suit Commercial Customers

1 carton contains 192 pcs of 3-layer filter Ultra-BagsTM .

You are purchasing 192 individual 5093 ultra bags. This is equivalent to 24pk x 5093ER (8p/pk).

SEBO Ultra-Bags are designed by SEBO to give optimum performance and filtration with SEBO vacuum cleaners. Offering  highly effective micro-filtration, SEBO Ultra Bags are made using the most modern materials and construction methods. The fleece material uses electrostatically charged microfibres to filter dust particles from the air stream.

To suit:
SEBO Commercial SEBO G1/G2/G5, 370/470, XP1/2/3, XP10/20/30

The German Manufacturer recommends for optimum performance both filters be changed every 2pkt of bags.


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