3 Top tips on choosing the right vacuum

SEBO offers some handy top tips on what to consider when purchasing a new vacuum cleaner.

1. Upright or barrel vacuum cleaner?

Uprights are great for a large carpeted area as they are easy to manoeuvre and increase productivity, whereas a barrel could be considered for small areas with lots of furniture and hard floors. Many vacuum cleaners, however, can do both jobs as many premises have different floors. Also, take a look at the attachments and make sure your whole site is catered for (bear in mind you’ll be vacuuming furniture, curtains and A/C vents)

2. What floorcoverings do you have in your premises?

It’s not just the difference between carpet or hard flooring; it’s the type of flooring too. For example, if you have the niche triextra fibre, you’ll want a model that specifically caters for that plush pile. The SEBO X4 Automatic with a rotating electric brush roller, large wheels, adjustable brush height and high filtration is recommended by Godfrey Hirst and Feltex for the correct care and maintenance of their product. Hard flooring can be uneven so look for something designed to cope with this, such as a combination head that comes as standard with the SEBO K3 Premium Barrel.

3. Bag or bagless?

Bag technology has come a long way and, if you suffer from allergies or simply want a clean emptying process, look for a machine with micro-fibre high filtration bags which keep all the dust and particles inside.

In conclusion SEBO’s barrel and upright vacuum cleaners offer outstanding performance, they are easy to use and are ideal for all floor types. The machines can scoot under furniture enabling you to reach every nook and cranny.

With a model to suit every floor and home, SEBO is the perfect choice.